Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well, I have finally found a couple of minutes to get some updates made. On Saturday we opted to go to the Lebannon Street Fair instead of the Apple Festival and that may have been a mistake. We went to the New Cumberland Apple Festival last year and were sooooooooo disappointed as there were NO apple dumplings (I was so looking forward to them) and here were no apples to purchase for eating, sauce, butters, pies, etc. But. the Lebannon Street Fair was not very exciting - a few nice things but LOTS of political booths and mostly jewlery - most very much the same. Although one of the Jewlery makers who had some really neat beads and I started talking and she asked me if I made jewlery and I said no, that I was just looking for ideas to use the herb beads that I had been making. Well, that launched into quite a conversation - she was fascinated and asked me if I would be willing to bring them to her shop for her to see and if I would be willing to sell her some. WOW, that sure came out of the blue. So, we will see - when things slow down a bit I may go and talk with her.

Then on Sunday we went to the Spoutwood Harvest Festival (thank you Sara for letting us know about this) and it was a pleasure!! Lots of GREAT homemade things and lots to learn, good healthy food and wonderful people. music, etc. The weather was perfect and I even got to visit with Sara a bit and that was a true pleasure!!!! On the way home we ate at a wonderful Italian Restaurant in one of the close by villages (who knows which one - they all seem to run together).

Yesterday I made two fleece blankets and started trying to get organized as we are once again going to have a French Student starting the 29th of October but only for 10 days this time. And immediately after agreeing to do that my boss called and informed me that I need to work the week of the 22nd in Detriot Michigan doing some knowledge transfer. So I will only have a day or so when I get home to be ready for her arrival so things are a bit hectic again (as if there is any time when they aren't).

OK, next will be the Newest Adventure of this morning - FUN FUN FUN!!!!

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