Wednesday, September 26, 2007


OK, I got all ready to work on my beads yesterday and suddenly got sidetracked by two fleece blankets that need to be complete in the next two weeks - for two young ones who will be having a little brother in about two weeks. Got them all cut to do rabit ears and one actually started and then .............. there was a loud knock at the door and I knew immediately that it was my favorite UPS guy!! WOO HOO - the still is HERe!!! Took all afternoon to unpack it - lots of packing, peanuts everywhere and bubble to last for weeks at least!! Took it all into the kitchen and started to set it up and whoops - hubby home and wanted dinner. Now that is a problem as there is all of the bead materials ready to go on one side of the counter and the still parts on the other side - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what to do. Lemon chicken on the stove top and warmed some of our fresh green beans in the microwave - OK, that was over and I had to take a nap before work!! soooooooooooo sad no finishing the still assembly or making beads.

Soooooooooooo this morning as soon as I got off work I started setting up the still - and I guess it is set up - doesn't look exactly like the picture but I think it is correct - but................... I made a horrible discovery - the teflon valve for the bottom of the receiver is NOT there. I went back and went through ALL of the packing materials and NOTHING there. I posted a question to a group I am in and Maryanne quickly responded (thanks Maryanne - you knew I would be sitting there waiting to hear) and YES there should be that valve so I have now sent an email to the place I purchased it from and am waiting for a response.

Now, how am I going to get any herbs distilled before the frost at this rate??? Grrrrrrrrrrr - hmmm maybe is it a sign that I am supposed to finish some of my other unfinished projects. I only have 4 or 5 in mid work right now - GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I am off to get something done now and hope that I get a quick solution from the supplier.



Herbfarmer said...

Well done, Marty! I was there when you unpacked your still, juggled dinner and handled the disappointment of not finding the valve. You did good, gal!

Maryanne said...

Oh, I totally understand the multi-tasking/crafting. The good thing is that when one comes to a screeching halt(because of missing parts, etc.), there's always something else ready to be worked on.
Hope they get the part to you soon!