Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well, yesterday morning I decided that it as time (since I received the missing part the afternoon before). I went out to the garden and harvested a large basket of Mint Julep (VERY fragrant) and I came in and got it ready to go into the still. I then realized that I had totally assembled it and had to almost totally disassemble it to insert all of the ingredients to distill. But not to be disuaded I got it all set up, turned it on and WALLA - things were good - I must have gone in there a million times to check on it (have it set up in my downstairs bathroom - looks like a mad scientist lab in there now). It all went well, and I had to empty the hydrosol container twice before it was done and I got 2 wine bottles full of hydrosol (wow - it smells soooooooo nice) but no essential oil (well maybe a drop?? how can you tell haha). I had no idea how long to let it "cook" so I just let it go until the water in the boiling vessel was about 1/4 of what it started out. Originhally it was a beautiful golden color but by the time it was done it was dark brown (turned darker as it cooled). I kept it as I am sure there must be a good use for it (I can't throw anyting I might be able to use away) so am hoping that someone will know the answer to that question.

This morning I went out and cut a large bunch of Lemon Grass (still tons of it left) and started it in the still so we will see how that will go - it has been going for about 20 mins and I already have a bunch of hydrosol so will have to watch that closely so it doesn't run over. I did go to the local corner store and get three bags of ice as I realized yesterday that my icemaker does not make enough ice for this process so we will see how that goes today.

Sooooooooooooo, I am off to make more blankets (have 12 more to make) and to keep watching the still. I still have lots of lemon grass and quite a few other things that I am hoping to get into the still before it is too late. Working on cleaning out the beds one by one and this is a great way to do it!! On my way in from the garden the carrots and beets where calling so I pulled enough for dinner tonight but in the next couple of days I need to pull all of them and put them up for the winter. Just one more thing to get done in between everything else.

This afternoon I am going to make the final plans for a womens show that I am going to participate in this weekend - giving Bowen Therapy demonstrations, so that should be fun.

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