Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, here we are in the throws of a snowstorm yesterday and an ice storm today. Good time to stay in and do some thing on the "to do someday" list. I moved here from California a year and a half ago and am still trying to figure out how to deal with this weather. Hmmmmmmmmm, organizing all of my herbs and things seemed like the best way to do this on these COLD winter days soooooooooo.........................

I went to IKEA and got some put it together yourself shelving (really quite easy) to place in the downstairs bathroom to consolidate all of my herbs that have been scattered and stacked all over our guest house (can't have any guests as I have Wayyyyyyyyyyy too much fun stuff stored out there. I spent the last two days filling and labeling jars and putting them on the shelves

That went so well, that I got a set of folding small shelves that I had to use for other things and put them on the other side of the room and have almost filled it with containers. Of course I have lots more but this is a start!!
WOO HOO - progress and stayed warm all at the same time. Sooooooo, now that we bought out IKEA of all of their jars it is time to find more. The large greenish fluted one was a gift to me from Italy a number (big number) of years ago that I have never really had a use for or a place to put - - found it in the basement while organizing down there and WALLA - filled with Rose buds and petals and what a GREAT use for it as well as it being decorative.

Now, back to making more wonderful things with all of my organized herbs. I am now going to see if I can find a sign that says Apothocary on it to put on the door - since it seems like the major function of this room seems to have changed its purpose recently (the still remains by the sink - ready for the next batch of............. who knows what is next).

Staying warm in PA.